Integrated Mobile Security

right6Mobile Security

We have obtained leverage on PIC grant (Under S/N 21) to implement GPS Vehicle Tracking System integrated with Fleet Management Solution for all our buses with the following benefits:

  1. Ensure the safety of bus passengers as our drivers will drive more cautiously knowing their movements are being monitored.

  2. Better fleet management in planning of routes and ensure punctuality of drivers to reach its destination on time.

  3. Improved security and protection for our drivers and vehicles with real time visibility and control of our mobile workforce.

  4. In the event of bus breakdown and accidents, it is easier to seek help from Head Office for immediate response and actions. Calling Ambulance& Police with recorded accident data.


Implementation of Mobile Security

Mobile Security for Poh Lee Transport Service Pte Ltd is implemented by Technic Systems Integration Pte Ltd.
Technic Systems Integration Pte Ltd specialized in:

  1. Manufacturing, developing vehicle tracking system including mobile security equipment such as mobile DVR, vehicle cameras, police portable DVR products, GPS tracking software and fleet management solution.

  2. Provide professional consultation and total solutions to meet customers’ requirements.

*For more information, please visit website of Technic Systems Integration Pte Ltd.