Directors’ Message

smileswithmilesA leading transport provider for over 42 years, Poh Lee Transport Service prides itself as a safe and reliable people-mover catering to your various needs.

Our company is equipped with a fleet of over 150 buses and more than 100 trained bus captains, serving diverse groups of clientele from all ages and industries.

Appointed as the official transport provider for a major oil and gas contractor , working on a mega project on Jurong Island, we are committed to provide safe and reliable transportation for all personnel in and around the island.

Poh Lee continues to strive for excellence in service and the safety of our passengers is always our priority.We look forward to fostering new relationships with business partners in our quest to establish ourselves as a premier 21st century people-mover.

At Poh Lee Transport Service, we always make smiles with miles.

Eddie Ong