What Safety Aspects You Should Look For When Hiring a Private Bus Service

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Studies on 2016 by Singapore Traffic Police have shown there’s 8277 traffic accident resulting in injuries and 415 of the accident by buses. To maximize your safety measures when taking a private bus service. Here are some pointers we have for you to take note of what safety aspect to look out for when hiring a private bus service.

  • Fleet is well maintained and send to maintenance on regular basis

The first thing you wanna look out for when hiring a bus rental Singapore is having a company with well-maintained fleet and with maintenance taken on a regular basis. The bus should always be clean, serviced on a routine basis and mechanically inspected regularly to ensure performance and safety.

  • Monitoring the activity on bus

The second thing you wanna look out for is having a bus that is fitted with equipment that enables the stuff to monitor live readings of the vehicle odometer and speed, and some bus even has live video streaming of both the interior and exterior of the buses. Global Positioning System (GPS) data helps track the exact location of the bus, the timing of arrivals at each stop, and others potential road hazards.

  • Having experience drivers

Bus captains should not only have the proper licensing, but also extensive company-provided training that goes above and beyond. Training like SPSA, KPI and SIC Courses, OPSOC is to train captains on how they should react when a real-life situation occurs. The bus captain should be committed not only to efficiency and punctuality but also the responsibility for passenger’s safety.


These are the 3 key points we want you to take note of when hiring a private bus service.


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By 8 GB Technologies