School Bus Service

Bus charter Singapore like Poh Lee Transport provides bus service for pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary schools. Our city buses are ideal for transporting a large groups to multiple location.

We offer reasonable pricing while schools stand to save a great deal of money by contracting with bus charter Singapore Poh Lee Transport instead of running bus operations in-house, a good contractor will not charge an unnecessarily high amount.

Poh Lee Transport service is currently fitted with equipment that enables us to monitor live readings of the vehicle odometer and speed, and some of our buses have live video streaming of both the interior and exterior of our buses. Our Global Positioning System (GPS) data help to track the exact location of our buses, the timing of arrivals at each stop, and monitor the routes taken from ignition to end. That gives our administrator better understanding of any situations on the bus. The fleet is also well-maintained by our very own engineering workshop which provides a full range of services to support our vehicles.

Transporting students at low costs without compromising on safety. Talking about safety we take safety very seriously. Our driver having undergone thorough training and regular safety target focus course (SPSA, KPI and SIC Courses, OPSOC).  With an unbroken safety record is because they take the safety of our clients, their family members, staff and guests very seriously. That’s why we don’t take safety for granted and always go extra miles for safety measures. Poh Lee Transport continuously investing heavily in not only in the safety and maintenance of our fleet but also in training of our drivers and maintenance staff. Your child is safe in our hand.


Please contact 6862 9692. For more inquiries related to our Bus Charter Service.


By 8 GB Technologies